What we do

Cutting Apps is here to deliver website, e-commerce and mobile app projects for new startups or small business owners that has limited budget but want good quality results. We are a team of professionals working in startup/technology companies that loves our job that would love to take new challenges and projects on our unoccupied days. What makes us different from an agency? we do not have offices, staffs and other expenses in other words we do not have sales/revenue target which is why our solutions is most affordable and high quality! Our carefully selected team has many years of experience working in startups/technology companies and would love to use our knowledge for your projects.

Our Approach

We want to create design that focus on users satisfaction, it plays an important role on the business success in order to build your brand value or reputation. We believe that design should be clean and easy to use, usability is a necessary condition for a website or mobile app. If it is difficult to use, it is not clear, or the information is hard to read or doesn’t answer users’ key questions, people choose another one. usability and functionality is our only priority.

Meet the team